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Your heating system is an expensive and important piece of equipment. When you live in the Melbourne area and deal with severe winter weather, you can’t do without it. Trusting repairs to an unknown contractor with little experience, and only limited knowledge, can be a costly mistake. For swift, honest and quality repair work, you can count on Modern Heating & Cooling. There’s a reason our business is grown rapidly in just 10 years, and continuing to expand. Our satisfied customers are our best recommendation.

Our technicians are certified, having passed industry-recognized, heating/cooling-specific exams designed to recognize excellence in the field. Our team receives ongoing training in the latest developments, techniques and products to ensure we are your most knowledgeable source for home temperature control. Our staff continues their education as well, making sure they have the information and understanding necessary to match your exact needs with ideal products.

When you rely on Modern Heating & Cooling for heating repair, we dispatch certified technicians to your residence, arriving within the stated timeframe, and always prepared to handle a wide range of difficulties without repeated visits. Our heating specialists will disclose all information before beginning work, discussing alternatives and making recommendations for the best course of action. For simple issues of calibration or entire system replacement, Modern Heating & Cooling works on all makes and models, and strives to complete all work and have you back to warm and comfortable that same day.

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Proper Heating System Service Keeps Your Family Safe

Heating difficulties are not only inconvenient, often times they are unsafe. Incomplete combustion can lead to a dangerous rise in carbon monoxide levels or formaldehyde. Contamination hidden within the system, such as decomposing animals, puts your family at risk of inhaling bacteria. Headaches, nausea, itchy eyes, sore throat and fatigue are just some of the symptoms caused by defective heating equipment. And because your furnace burns fuel to generate heat, there is always the risk of a fire hazard. Don’t wait to contact Modern Heating & Cooling. Any disruption in comfort, unusual sounds or smells is reason enough to call for professional service.

By calling the experts from Modern Heating & Cooling, you’ll not only enjoy prompt, professional repair, our technicians will inspect your entire system, troubleshooting for potential problems and making safety a priority. By completing a full tune-up, we can restore your furnace to maximum efficiency, saving you money on monthly energy bills, prevent troubles down the road and increase system longevity. It pays to trust your furnace to the conscientious team from Modern Heating & Cooling.

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