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Gas- or oil-fired, antiquated or brand new, your heating system needs annual service to operate at peak capacity. Most repairs can be eliminated, indoor air quality improved, efficiency and comfort boosted through professional service. Modern Heating & cooling offers flexible maintenance plans to accommodate your schedule, budget and expectations for your Heating Service. Our certified technicians have the expertise, experience and sophisticated equipment to fine tune your system and keep you warm and toasty season after season.

Duct Heating System Maintenance

Our Tune-Ups Keep Your Gas Heating Running Efficiently

Keeping your family comfortable throughout a long Melbourne winter is a tough job. To make sure your heater delivers consistent heat, without the aggravation of sudden repairs, annual tune-ups are absolutely critical. The very best time to service equipment is in the fall, before you’re desperate for warmth. Over the summer, dirt and debris collect within the inner workings of your furnace, threatening efficiency, operation and even your health. Dust, pollen, mold spores, as well as dead animals can be hidden inside, generating bacteria that will eventually be inhaled by your family if not properly serviced. Preventative maintenance from Modern Heating & Cooling is convenient, cost-effective and critical to safe home heating.

With rising energy costs, most homeowners are taking extra steps to seal, tighten and prevent drafts. By limiting the possibility of fresh air, the possible side effects of a defective gas heaters are an increasing concern. Both carbon monoxide and formaldehyde can result from incomplete combustion. Nausea, headache, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping can all be triggered by problems with your furnace. To safeguard your family and ensure safe operation, contact Modern Heating & Cooling for conscientious service.

If you have rooms that are difficult to heat, stuffy, or high winter utility bills, you may have leaks, holes or poorly connected ducts. Ducts that leak heated air into unheated spaces can add hundreds of dollars a year to your energy bills and send dirty air into your home, causing your equipment to perform far below peak efficiency. Leaky ducts allow 15% to 30% of air passing through them to escape, increasing both electricity use and emissions of pollutants. Traditional methods of sealing ducts are time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly. Ductwork located in ceilings, walls, attics and crawlspaces can be particularly difficult to access. With aerosol duct sealing, your home will be more comfortable, energy efficient and safer. Modern Heating & Cooling specializes in aerosol duct sealing, maximizing your system’s performance through the simple and cost-effective procedure of blowing air containing aerosolized adhesive particles into the duct system.

Gas Heating Running Efficiently

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Through our commitment to customer service, technological expertise and product knowledge, Modern Heating & Cooling has earned factory endorsement from major supplier. As a Factory Authorized technician, we install Factory Authorized Parts whenever possible, protecting your equipment and investment. Our technicians are certified, having completed nationally recognized exams specific to heating and cooling technology, and continue to update their knowledge of the latest advancements. For 10 years, Modern Heating & cooling has maximized the comfort of homeowners in the Melbourne area and Surrondings, ensuring consistent heat, energy efficiency and precise temperature control. Call 0423 628 696 for a maintenance agreement and let us take care of the rest.

Melbourne, Tarneit, Werribee, Hopeers Crossing, Lara, Geelong, Point cook & Wndham Area

Heating System Maintenance

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