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According to an estimate by HIA, poor indoor air quality costs employers fifteen billion dollars annually, due to worker inefficiency and sick days. The impact of indoor air quality on workforce productivity is only beginning to be appreciated. Simply by improving overall comfort levels, employers can boost performance by up to 10%. At Modern Heating & Cooling, we offer cost-effective solutions to hot and cold spots, humidity and indoor pollutants, maximizing equipment efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Cleaning products, pest control solutions, personal hygiene products, as well as carpets, furniture and paint corrupt air quality. Adhesives and plastics used in printers, copiers and computers emit volatile organic compounds, especially as they heat up from regular use. Damp coils in cooling equipment promote growth of mold and mildew. Organic debris, such as decomposing rodents, can be concealed within an HVAC system, leading to harmful bacteria, which is then blown into your facility and inhaled by occupants. Although eliminating all potential sources of contaminants is virtually impossible, through proper ventilation and comprehensive cleaning, the technicians from Modern Heating & Cooling will ensure a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.

At Modern Heating & Cooling, we specialize in Aeroseal duct sealing. Leak ductwork allows 15%-30% of conditioned air to escape, adding up to energy losses, higher electricity usage and the emission of pollutants. Traditional methods of duct sealing require workers to find leaks manually, entering attics and crawlspaces, to seal them one by one. Some ductwork, hidden in ceilings, may not be accessible. The process is time and labor-intensive. Aerosol sealing is not only more convenient, but more effecting, sealing a larger portion of a leakage area more quickly. Air containing aerosolized adhesive particles is blow into the duct system. When it is forced through leaks, these particles deposit onto edges, building up and sealing holes as large as one inch across. Aerosol sealed ductwork reduces entry of dust, molds, excessive humidity, radon, exhaust gases, pesticides and other chemicals and odors. Contact the specialists from Modern Heating & cooling to discuss the many benefits of aerosol duct sealing.

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To maximize your heating and cooling investment, Modern Heating & Cooling strongly recommends preventative maintenance. Through regular cleaning, inspection and troubleshooting, our certified technicians will eliminate the majority of potential repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring workplace productivity. A well-maintained HVAC system will operate much more efficiently, last longer and provide superior comfort and humidity control. We offer maintenance agreements, alleviating stress and worry, and putting the care and upkeep of your equipment in our capable hands.

We accommodate your schedule with flexible appointments, and for crisis situations, we offer 7 days emergency service with no overtime charges when you have a Modern Heating & Cooling maintenance agreement.

By performing to uncompromising standards consistently and continually, Modern Heating & Cooling is distinguished as a Comfort 7 days Heating Cooling Technician. Our technicians partake in extensive factory training specific to the technical aspects of equipment installation, maintenance and repair. Whenever possible, we use Factory Authorized Parts, to guarantee the highest level of quality, efficiency and durability. Modern Heating Cooling offers 100% satisfaction guarantees, and the most innovative, trusted and energy efficient products on the market today.

For heating, cooling service, there is simply no comparison to Modern Heating Cooling in Melbourne West.

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Modern Heating Cooling is committed to providing the best value for your energy dollar. We started in 2006, and even as our business continues to expand, we never sacrifice the individual focus that sets us apart. Prompt action, professional service, fair pricing and exceptional equipment add up to the very best solution to all of your commercial HVAC needs. When you make your business our business, we exceed expectations. Contact Modern Heating Cooling at 0423 628 696 and speak to a knowledgeable and friendly member of our staff.

Melbourne, Tarneit, Werribee, Hopeers Crossing, Lara, Geelong, Point cook & Wndham Area

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