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It’s nearly impossible to enjoy the summer, when there’s no relief from the intense heat and humidity. If you think a refreshingly cool home is a luxury you can’t afford, think again. Consumer demand and advancements in technology have redesigned air conditioners into affordable, energy efficient solutions for every sized space and style of home. Whether you’re interested in a portable unit to cool a single room or central air to turn your entire house into a refreshing oasis, Modern Heating & Cooling will match your specific needs to a quiet, cost-effective and wonderfully reliable cooling system you can live happily with for years to come.

Improvements in modern cooling have resulted in 30% – 50% less energy use, when compared to models from twenty years ago. Even if your air conditioner is only ten years old, you can trim 20% – 40% off your utility bills with the installation of a new, high-efficiency model. At Modern Heating & cooling, we offer the latest technology, features and designs on the market, to bring you the highest level of comfort and satisfaction.

A/C Installation

Proper A/C Installation in Melbourne, Victoria

| Air Conditioning Installation

Proper sizing and knowledgeable installation are necessary for your new system to meet expectations of efficiency, sound levels and longevity. Oversized units endlessly cycle on and off, never reaching ideal capacity for efficiency or humidity removal. And because of constant stops and starts, excess stress is placed on components, wearing out the entire system. Under-sized units fail to provide adequate cooling, and so will run constantly, costing more to operate. When a cooling system is correctly sized and installed, it should reward you with consistent comfort for fifteen to twenty years.

The professionals from Modern Heating & Cooling are certified, having passed a comprehensive set of core and specialty tests to validate their technical competency. As a Authorized Service Dealer, our technicians receive ongoing training specific to Carrier technology and products. Our representatives continue education to properly identify and recommend solutions that provide the very best comfort and value for your specific needs. Trust the trained professionals from Modern Heating & Cooling to offer practical recommendations for style and size of cooling equipment for your home.

Proper A/C Installation

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To cool your space, no matter how big the space, the two-stage compressor allows the system to operate primarily in low-stage, achieving greater dehumidification and efficiency. The filter drier system protects from moisture and contaminants, and no ozone-depleting refrigerant reduces impact on the environment. Compressor sound blanket keeps sound levels as low as 65 decibels.

Modern Heating & Cooling has handled the temperature control of homeowners throughout the entire Melbourne & Surrondings for the last 10 years. The brutal heat of a Melbourne summer is nothing new to us. Our team of cooling specialists has the experience, technical know-how and commitment necessary to maximize your enjoyment of your new cooling system and get the absolute most out of your energy dollar. Our goal is to provide practical solutions you can count on.

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